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Tyranny in Glasgow!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

I'm absolutely delighted that we got the goahead for the Celtic Connections gig in Glasgow on January 26th in the Strathclyde Suite in the Concert Hall. I know there have been musicians across the land sitting anxiously awaiting the government guidelines, and there was probably a collective sigh of relief at 2.30 yesterday!

Our own gig is going to feature just about everyone from the album

* Anna Massie on guitar

* Angus Lyon on piano

* Jenna Reid on strings

* Tim Edey on guitar and accordion

* Duncan Lyall on bass

* Iain Sandilands on percussion

* Iain Sloan on slide guitar

* Ali Levack on whistles

* Su-a Lee on cello

I can't wait till we get to hear it all come to life as a band!

In other exciting and positive news we're bringing Live at Five to Celtic Connections! Anna, Mrs Mac and myself shall be heading to the Brass Monkey in Finnieston for a show on Friday 28th Jan with some very special guests.

The show will be broadast as usual from the MacGregor's Facebook site

And finally, its been brilliant getting such supportive messages about the new album. Thanks to each and everyone of you that have bought it digitally on Bandcamp and from this site. If you have enjoyed it and you know folk who like this kind of thing, please share the word! I am NOT putting it on Spotify.



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1 commentaire

Kenny Bain
Kenny Bain
19 janv. 2022

All the best for the night, not able to be there but the online gig was compensation enough. Have a blast, but don't break a leg and enjoy a dram or six on the night!!

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