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New tunes in familiar places

Another year and another Blazin Fiddles tour! Now in our 26th year of existence I find myself going to some venues and having 'past life' experiences! I can sit in a dressing room in Milton Keynes/ Shrewsbury/Liverpool and remember conversations with band members who haven't been with me for over 10 years! I remember what I ate in pubs five years ago! I remember chaotic and tense sound checks alongside incredible gigs that had everyone grinning from ear to ear. On the other hand there are also venues I go to that I have no recollection off at all.......until I step into the dressing room. It's funny how a really badly decorated dressing room or the fantastic array of snacks provided will stay with you for life.

The band is cooking just now. We've got all the new album material mixed with a few tracks taken from the last ten years which keeps things fresh for all of us. The solo/duo parts of the show are always fun. It's the chance to try out something completely new and on this tour I've got a brand new tune. Composed for Meg Findlay of the Stonehaven Folk club/Festival, its called Meg Findlay - Queen of the spreadsheet. Anyone who knows the power of work that Meg gets through in her roles with club and festival, will know that these events only work because Meg is meticulous with her planning and organisation. Everything is on a spreadsheet.

There's also a tune taken from "Road to Tyranny" entitled Emily's Oosh which was commisioned about 15 years ago. In a lovely turn of events, it turns out that the lady who requested it, Louise Blackmore, is now one of our neighbours in our little village outside of Inverness. It's a very small world!

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