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Take nothing for granted

A few days ago I was sent this video from Upwood Ukuleles’ who had sadly lost a member of their group to MND. Jo De Sylva and I sat together in tears.

I've been guilty of taking the power of music for granted. Infact I think we all do. The 'news' has just been so bloody depressing these last few years, and its actually got worse over the last few weeks. I've actually felt pretty hopeless and powerless and I know Jo has felt exactly the same. I suppose being in our line of business has worn us down - a lot. That video made me realise how bloody lucky I am.

I got this email this morning and once again it made me realise how important music is for all of us....playing, listening,singing, dancing. These last two years have been terrible but I think I see the light, or I should say, I think I hear the bells.

Hi Bruce,

I hope this message reaches you somehow. I travelled from Belgium last week to pick up a mandolin for myself and booked a celtic connections ticket kinda last minute for your show. That turned out to be the best decision of my visit to Glasgow . I cried, I laughed and sang along like it was the first gig I ever saw. It was so good seeing a proper gig again, the joy of everyone on the stage was heart warming to see. I bought your album from bandcamp today, and it takes me right back to that gig. I hope to catch many more of your gigs in the future and that I get to visit your pub in Inverness. Thank you for making such beautiful music! Kind regards! Sam Vermeulen from Antwerp, Belgium

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